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Philippine Wedding | Wedding Ring Information

The Wedding Ring

The wedding ring is the most famous and instantly recognizable proof of a marriage. It is a bond that ties the couple. It is the tangible thing that allows others to see that you now belong to someone else. A wedding ring indicates the spouse’s commitment to fidelity.

No other thing has been aptly chosen to symbolize a marriage than the weddding ring. The ring, being a circle, signifies something that is eternal. It has no beginning; It has no end. A wedding ring is a timeless piece that signifies the everlasting love between the couple.

Choosing the Wedding Ring

Long after the wedding videos and photos have been stored away, the wedding rings remain the visible reminder of the memorable day you exchanged your vows. It is therefore important to ensure that the wedding rings you selected are as shiny and good looking on your 25th or even 50th anniversary as they were on your wedding day.

When choosing a wedding ring, you should consider not just the comfort of the ring but the style to should suit your personality and match your lifestyle. A plain wedding band is not just the only option for the couple. Nowadays, there are vast selections of wedding rings on the market.

Types of Wedding Rings

Philippine Wedding | Wedding Ring

Traditionally, the wedding ring is known to be a gold or platinum band. Platinum is more expensive and heavier than gold. If you opt for a Gold Wedding Ring, you have the option to choose from its three different shades which are Yellow Gold, White Gold, or Rose Gold. The amount of Gold Content ranges from 14k to finer 18k, to 22-24K.

Wedding bands came come with or without a feature stone. You can also customize your wedding rings, to make it matching with the other. Your wedding band may also be textured, or highly polished. It’s all just a matter of personal preference.

Keep in mind that no matter how much you intend to spend on the wedding band, you deserve only the best, high quality merchandise. Visit a local jeweller who has a good reputation. Remember that your wedding rings will make a statement that will last a lifetime.