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The Wedding Dress

Philippine Wedding | Wedding Gown

Perhaps one of the most anticipated moment in the church ceremony is when the bride finally walks down the aisle. This is the moment everyone seems to be waiting for – a glimpse of the bride looking radiant and splendid in her wedding gown. It is therefore important that just the perfect wedding gown has been chosen for the bride.

History of the Wedding Dress

White has long been the color we associate with the wedding dress but wedding gowns were not always white. In ancient times, brides wear bright colored wedding garments to symbolize their happiness. During the Medieval times, the brides had to dress to represent her family in the most favorable light. Those from a higher social standing wore rich colors and expensive fabrics.

It was only after the wedding of Queen Victoria to her cousin Prince Albert of Saxe in 1840 that women started wearing white on their wedding. At that time, blue was the most common color for the wedding dress since it symbolizes purity. During that period white symbolized wealth and after Queen Victoria wore white on her wedding, it became a trend among those of elevated social status to wear a glamorous white dress on their wedding.

White became the color of choice as the years went by. Other shades of white such as cream, off white, ivory or ecru are also acceptable wedding colors but bright colors such as blue, green or pink are frowned upon.

The Silhouette

The shape of the wedding dress is referred to as the Silhouette. It is important to know your body type and the silhouette that would best flatter your figure. The following are the most common silhouettes:

A-Line Silhouette.The most popular choice and figure friendly.

Ball Gown. The most traditional of all wedding gowns. This type of gown is fitted at the waist then has full skirt.

Mermaid Silhouette. This features a slim, body-hugging gown, with or without a waistline, flaring from the knees or slightly above. This style accentuates curves and would best fit a bride with an hour-glass figure.

Sheath Silhouette. A modern look that would be a great choice for a thin or petite brides. It features a slim, body hugging gown without a waistline.

Empire. This features a narrow bodice complimented with any neckline, and gathered or sewn high at the waist, just beneath the bustline, to a slender and graceful skirt. The empire silhouette is a great choice for small-busted and slim women.

Choosing the Perfect Gown

Philippine Wedding | Choosing your wedding dress

The gown will be one of the highlights of the wedding. People would always watch out for the bride in her wedding dress as she walks down the aisle. Finding the perfect dress is also perhaps, the most exciting part of the wedding preparation. Think of yourself as you walk down the aisle in your wedding dress… that is such a dreamy state. Here are some guidelines on how you can find the perfect gown:

Wedding Theme and Venue. Consider the theme and venue of your wedding. If you are going to have a garden or beach wedding, make sure that your gown does not have a long train that could drag in the sand or get grass stains. The weather also plays an integral part as you would not want to feel sweaty and sticky on your wedding day. For summer, you may want to consider sleeveless or strapless designs. Light fabric will also be ideal on this weather. Since the Philippine climate is generally warm, this style may be ideal for the rest of the year. A bolero or wrap designed gowns may be good for the colder months like December or January. Religion also plays an integral part in choosing your gown. Some religions are quite strict when it comes to revealing clothes, including the wedding dress.

Material. The fabric you choose for your wedding gown plays a very important part in achieving your overall wedding day look. Organza and tulle can help you achieve a more dreamy effect while silk shantung and eyelet lace can give you a more laid back and casual appearance. In choosing a fabric, it is also important that you choose one that does not wrinkle easily as you will be standing and sitting in it all day.

Decoration. Beadworks is the most classic and popular method of decorating a wedding dress. Some choose crystals, embroidery or patterned fabrics. You can also opt for decoration that are of the same color as your dress or introduce contrast. There are gowns that have bright colored patters on the bodice or skirt.

Body Type. Like in choosing any other dresses or clothes, it is always about emphasizing your assets and downplaying what you don’t like. If you do not like your arms, sleeveless may not be an option or you can choose one but cover your arms with a shawl, bolero or wrap. Halterneck looks best on women with great shoulders but not for women with large bust. A V-neck gown may be ideal for brides with big bust as it guides the eye inwards and down the midline of the dress. Low round, scooped necks and square necklines are suitable for most brides. Brides with small bust will look good on gowns with high round neck or slash-neck.

Aside from the things mentioned above, your gown should also suit your personality, after all, it is your day.