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Wedding Essentials |

Wedding Essentials

This section summarizes the things that you will need to prepare and have for your wedding. A more detailed information about each can be viewed on the specific wedding essential page:

Wedding Attire

The type of wedding attire highly depends on the theme and venue of your wedding. If you want a fairy tale like wedding or a beach wedding, then the type of gown you will choose should suit a fairy tale or a beach wedding. Gowns for beach weddings should not have long trails that you drag in the sand. Fairy tale weddings often entail dresses with a ballerina or bell shaped skirt. Designers have also come up with modern fairy tale dresses that are both beautiful and comfortable. For the groom, it is normally just either tux, suit or barong. After thinking about what you and your groom will be wearing, you also need to think about what your entourage will be wearing, plus the accessories that you will be needing.

The Wedding Dress

Wedding Gown or Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress makes up at least about 75% of your looks on your wedding day. This is perhaps the reason why most brides consider this one of the most important item when preparing for their wedding. Who would not want to have that very special dress on that very special day? It is not just how the dress looks like that should be considered when choosing your wedding dress. It is very important to consider the venue and theme of your wedding, the gown materials, and your body type. You would not want to have a very heavy ball type dress on a beach wedding that can make you look and feel uncomfortable, nor would you want a dress that will not flatter your figure.Read more…

Wedding Ring

Wedding Ring

The wedding band or wedding ring is the only proof of your marriage that you wear after the wedding day. It is the tangible thing that lets other people know that you already belong to someone. This can be made of silver, gold or platinum. Regardless of the material, the ring symbolizes the bond between the couple. When choosing the ring, apart from the comfort, the size, you should also try consider your personality and your partner’s personality. Remember that you will wear your ring after the wedding ceremony so it should be something you are comfortable with, something that you can be proud of, and something that you can wear every day of your life.Read more…

Wedding Reception
Reception Venue

For your guests, the reception could be the most important and most memorable part of your wedding. Good food and good venue matters. Nothing beats the good food served at the reception, especially since Filipinos really love to eat. Good food with a great view – your guests will not only have a feast for their stomach but for their eyes as well. Choosing a venue and a caterer may be a bit tedious – you have to consider proximity, your guest list, even your theme. Aside from all that, the most important thing to consider will be your budget. Read more…

Wedding Flowers
Wedding Flowers

Flowers have a great effect on the look and feel of your wedding venue and reception. The bridal bouquet also has a significant effect on the bride’s overall look. In choosing your wedding flowers, you might want to know their meaning. Roses and tulips are definitely the most common since both flowers connotes love and passion. Other alternatives like lilies, carnation, orchids are also popular. Lilies mean majesty, truth and honor. Red carnation means love, and orchids mean love and beauty. But aside from the popular choices for wedding flowers, you should also know the kinds of flowers you should avoid like lavender which means distrust, marigold that connotes grief and yellow lily which means falsehood.

Wedding Invitations

The wedding invitation is the first thing that your guests will see. It will give them an idea of what to expect on your wedding. This will also serve as their guide to the venue, reception and the wedding in general.

Wedding Venue
Churches and other wedding venues

The wedding ceremony can either be held in the Church, garden, beach, city hall, or even a museum. Envision youself exchanging vows with your partner or walking down the aisle. What backdrop would you want to have? What will the scene be like? Do you see yourself walking barefoot in the sand, down the red carpet or over green grass? Do you see yourself professing your love in front of the altar or with the view of the sunset? Read more…

Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake

The wedding cake serves as the centerpiece in your reception venue. It may come in different forms and sizes. The cutting of the cake is a very long tradition expressing the bride’s vow to help her husband wherever possible. Feeding each other with the cake symbolizes their commitment to provide for one another.


It is your special day and you have all the right to be beautiful. It is your time to shine. Your time to show that best version of yourself. Make-up is there to help you look your best, but what will really make you beautiful is that joy in your eyes coming from the thought that this is the beginning of your journey to forever with the man you love.

Photographers and Videographers

This is your day. A day you want to preserve for the rest of your life and share with your kids and grandkids. It is essential to find a good photographer and videographer who can capture your precious moments and help you preserve those in the years to come.

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors serve as a sign of gratitude towards your sponsors and guests who joined you in the beginning of your life together. It is common for the bride to choose what gift to give the guests. It gives her a chance to show her personality and really consider what will delight her guests.


Most modern couples opt to have a registry where they list down the things they need and want to have to start their life together. With all your options, deciding on what to put in the registry may be a bit overwhelming. You can start with a long list and just narrow it down later starting with the things you need and then add your wants later.