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Wedding Calendar

Wedding Preparations, Wedding Calendar
Preparing for your wedding can be time consuming and tedious. It only happens once in a lifetime so you would want to cover all details. Some of us even have the vision of their dream wedding since they were still young. So, for you to achieve your dream wedding, you better plan ahead. Based on the experience of most of the people I know, one year is the ideal preparation time for a dream wedding. Some are able to achieve it in six months or less but that requires a lot of focus and assistance from friends and relatives. Here, we try to make an action plan to help you prepare for the wedding of your dreams.

Six or More Months Before:

  • Think about the type and date of your wedding. If you want to have beach or garden wedding, it is ideal to hold it in December or during the summer so that you are most likely sure that the weather will be favorable. Then decide on the wedding date and theme.
  • Set the budget and your priorities. Make a table of expenses, separating the musts and the wants.
  • Announce the engagement to family and friends. Arrange for a gathering for the bride and the groom’s family.
  • Make your guest list. The number of guests will have an impact on your choice of venue and your budget so better keep that in mind while making your list.
  • Research on possible suppliers. A wedding planner may help you in this one. The web is also a good source of information. Choose your top choices and pay them a visit before you make a decision.
  • Reserve your wedding ceremony and reception venue. Some venues may require you to reserve at least a year before your wedding date.
  • Select a designer for your dress, book a caterer, photographer, band or ensemble, and stylist. Some really popular suppliers may have already been booked months before the wedding date so either make sure you have other alternatives or you book ahead of time.
  • Plan and book your honeymoon. Most airlines offer cheaper rates when you book ahead so better take that advantage and save on cost.
  • Select your officiant.
  • Plan your new home. Where will you stay after the wedding? Do you already have a house? This is something important that you have to consider when setting up your wedding budget.

Four to Six Months Before

  • Order invitation, stationery and thank you notes.
  • Arrange transportation for the wedding day
  • Order your wedding ring, wedding cake and the groom and attendant’s attire.
  • Register at the wedding registry.
  • Make hotel reservations for the night before and after the wedding and reserve rental equipment, if necessary.
  • Order your wedding favors or start creating it if you are doing it yourself.
  • Meet with your sponsors.

Two to Four Months Before

  • Discuss the menu and table settings with your caterer. Schedule a food tasting.
  • Choose a centerpiece and create a mock up table setting with your florist and caterer.
  • Attend the required seminars and start processing all legal requirements
  • Talk to your officiant about the ceremony and start working on the missalette contents.
  • Start mailing your invitations. Purchase a guest book.
  • Fit your dress with the lingerie and shoes.
  • Select your hosts and discuss the program. You may go for a professional host or just have one of your friends do it for you.
  • Order wine, champagne or liquor if necessary. Some caterers may have it included in their package but additional booze may bring more fun to your program plus it is cheaper to order it separately.

One to Two Months Before

  • Proofread and start printing your missalette.
  • Make your song list and meet with the DJ or band you chose.
  • Inform those who will give speeches to give them time to prepare.
  • Purchase a nice robe for the picture taking before the wedding ceremony.
  • Check and update your registry, if needed.

Two Weeks Before

  • Call guests who had not RSVP yet. Inform the caterer about the final guest count and begin working on the seating plan. Print place cards.
  • Final dress fitting with shoes, accessories, and lingerie.
  • Write your speech for the reception.
  • Remind your suppliers about the wedding day. Create and send them the wedding day schedule. Set a final meeting, if necessary.

One Week Before

  • Assign specific wedding day responsibilities. If you have a coordinator, set up a meeting with them about the wedding day and party plan.
  • Finalize the seating plan.
  • Pick up your dress or have it delivered
  • Pamper yourself. Have a facial.
  • Send final guest list to your caterer
  • Confirm all final payment balances with suppliers.

One Day Before

  • Confirm transportation arrangements.
  • Have your nails done.
  • Prepare payment for your suppliers plus tip. Put them in an envelope and assign someone to distribute them.
  • Prepare your dress, gown, veil, shoes and emergency kit.
  • Gather all things needed for the day and put them in a container to be taken to the venue.

Your Wedding Day

Enjoy the moment. Have fun.

After the Wedding

  • Thank your suppliers and make sure that they had been paid in full.
  • Write and send thank you notes.
  • Clean and preserve your wedding mementos.
  • Update all official documents if you are changing your name.
  • Have a happy marriage.