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Philippine Wedding | Reception Venues

The Wedding Reception Venue

Every wedding has basically two parts. One is the wedding ceremony and the other is the wedding reception. In choosing the venue for each, you will have to consider the proximity of each venue to each other. There are venues where you can already have both. However, in most cases, the churches do not have a reception venue in their yard so you will have to look somewhere nearby. Ease of transport from the ceremony venue to the reception venue is important when planning your church wedding.

In choosing a wedding reception venue, you will need to consider the following:

1.Proximity. Ease of access or less travel time between the ceremony venue and the reception venue is important. If you have a church in mind, you may try to look for a reception venue somewhere near the church. For popular wedding churches, it may be a lot easier to find a reception venue close to the church.

2.Size of your wedding. How many guests will you have? It is better to find a place that is big enough to accommodate about 20% additional guests at the last minute to avoid the hassle and the trouble of seeing your guests not having a place to sit down. Make sure that your venue is not too small or not too big for your needs.

If you have a band or you want to have a dance floor, check when and where you want the entertainment to take place and check with the venue that this can be done in the space available.

Types of Reception Venues

Philippine Wedding | Types of Reception Venues

There are two basic types of reception venues: On-Site or Off-Site.

1.On-Site venues: simply means that the venue provides food, beverages and full service. Examples of this includes hotels, restaurants, country clubs and banquet halls.

2.Off-site venues: This type means that you will have to hire an outside caterer to provide food, drinks and services. Examples of this includes museums, barns and private residences.

Choosing an on-site venue may give you more convenience since you are just dealing with one vendor. It also gives you a clearer idea of the total cost of your event. Most on-site venues also have in-house staff who already has vast experience in hosting wedding, making it a lot more convenient to choose this type of venue.

On the other hand, off-site venues give you control of all the details of your event. It also gives you more flexibility.

Most Popular Reception Venues

Philippine Wedding | Popular Reception Venues

With the right lighting, flowers, fabric and decoration, any place can turn into a perfect wedding reception venue. Below are the most popular choices for a reception venue:

Hotel Wedding Reception. Hotels always have something for everyone. Whether you want a traditional or modern wedding, simple or more extravagant, there will definitely be a hotel that can cater to your requirements.

Restaurant or pub wedding reception. If you want really good food, this can be the best option for a wedding reception. However, some restaurants may not be big enough to accommodate a big wedding. Restaurants or pub wedding reception is more suitable for smaller wedding parties.

Historic wedding reception venue. Museums, country houses, stately homes are among popular reception venue choices. This one can also be a bit costly but if you have a budget to stretch, it is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Garden wedding reception. Reception in a garden filled with trees and flowers can give you a dreamy, fairy tale like effect. This can be good for the summer although there are already garden venues with roof so you won’t have to worry about getting wet when it rains.

Sports or social club wedding reception. Clubs can be perfect venue for a wedding reception. They can give your wedding a unique touch in it and give it a certain effect. Prices are also often reasonable.

Choosing the Wedding Reception Venue

Philippine Wedding | Popular Reception Venues

Now that you know all your options and what to expect when you choose a certain venue, here is a list of points to consider when deciding about any reception venue you have in mind:

Budget. The reception may take about 35% of your wedding budget. This includes the venue food and drinks. It is important to note that Garden rental fees in Manila ranges from Php60,000 to Php180,000. Hotels can be a bit more expensive with packages that start with about Php300,000. The cheapest alternative will be the multi-purpose halls or tents and can cost only about Php2,000. Check all your options and make sure to negotiate. In most cases, you can bring the prices down by at least 10%.

Amenities. You may be able to negotiate having some extra services for free. Never ignore the ++ in the package price, make sure to clear everything up with your vendor on what is included and excluded from the price.
Venue staff. Flexibility and professionalism are very important. Can they cope and are they willing to adapt to your needs? More often than not, something unexpected comes up so it is important that the staff are equipped with experience and flexibility to help make things run smoothly in spite of the errors and blunders that might occur.

Facilities. Do they have enough parking space? Is it handicap friendly? Can it provide appropriate seating for young children and/or elderly? Do they have good crowd control? What about the noise? Is there another event going on while you are having your reception?

Availability. Is the venue available on the day of your wedding?

Accessibility. Is it accessible to you and your guests? Are there decent transport links for guests who are commuting? Are there any hotels or other accommodation within the vicinity or within easy access of the venue?

Rules and Terms. Are there any restrictions that can hinder you from achieving your goals for your wedding party like no loud music, no confetti or candles? Some venues may not allow high-heeled shoes as it may damage their flooring.

Decorations. The venue may be cheap but you may need to spend a lot in decorating. Choosing a more expensive venue that requires less decorating can be more cost effective than choosing a cheaper one that needs a lot of repairs and decors.

It is always best to seek referrals or advice from your married friends or those who already had an experience with a venue. In choosing, The best choice of venue is when you can relax about the cost and feel comfortable while you are in the place. Finding the right venue may be similar to finding the one, it just feels like home and everything else does not matter that much.