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The Wedding Ceremony Venue

Churches for Weddings

The exchange of vows is the part of the wedding that makes the union official and legal. It is when you declare your love and commitment in front of your family and friends. This marks the beginning of the wedding celebration and the your life together as a couple. The exchange of vows can be held anywhere but in most cases, this depends on the type of wedding you are having. Religious weddings are normally held in the church, shrine or any place of worship depending on your religion. Civil weddings are held in the hall of justice or the mayor’s office.

There are lots of choices for a wedding ceremony venue. It can be in hotels, churches, sports grounds, parks, castles, or even underwater or in the sky. Couples may also opt to hold the ceremony and reception at the venue or choose two types of venues – one for the ceremony and a different venue for the reception. The two-venue wedding is typical for wedding ceremonies that takes place in a house of worship. For two-venue weddings, you also need consider the proximity of the reception venue that you are eyeing.

The following are major factors in choosing where the wedding ceremony will be held:

1.Personal connection. It can be the church where your parents got married, the place where you met, a special place from your childhood days. In choosing, we normally choose the one that we feel connected to. A place where we somehow feel at home.

2.Availability. Is the place available on your desired wedding date or at least to a date that is close to it. This can be a bit of a challenge if you are going to get married in months where a lot of couples also do the same or in a very popular place.

3.Capacity. If you have a very long guest list, it may be a wrong choice if you choose to get a place with a capacity of only 100 people. In deciding where to hold the ceremony, you will need to consider the number of guests you are expecting.

4.Personal taste. Whether you choose a luxurious place or a simpler, more laid back venue, what is important is that you enjoy being in that space and you think your guest will somehow feel the same.

5.Weather. If you are getting married on a rainy season, choosing an outdoor wedding ceremony venue is never a good idea. It is important to plan for rain, excessive wind or generall bad weather.

If you chose to have an outdoor wedding ceremony, you may also want to consider the noise. Traffice noise, waterfalls, passerby’s, etc can spoil the romantic setting. It can also have a rather negative effect on your wedding video. Ensure that your ceremony area allows guests to gather close enough to help create a good atmosphere. Crowd control is also one important thing to consider if you are having an outdoor wedding.

In most cases, wedding ceremony venues can be found in highly accessible areas. However, it is still important to check your guests can easily find the place. Including a map in the invitation will be a great idea especially if you have relatives who will be coming from different places.