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Catholic Church Requirements

church wedding requirements

Church Wedding

The Catholic Church also has additional requirements aside from the Marriage License. Marriage, as we know, is one of the seven sacraments and has some pre-requisites: Baptism and Confirmation. The Church requires the submission of the couples’ baptismal and confirmation certificate. They also require the soon-to-be-wed couples to attend seminars that will help them in their married life. Marriage is a very sacred contract and the Church wants to somehow ensure that the couples are really ready to enter this commitment and for the right reasons.

Below are the Church requirements:

1. Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates. The couple must secure a copy not more than four months before the date of marriage with the annotation “For Marriage Purposes Only”. A dispensation must be secured from the Archdiocese Office or Chancery if the bride or groom came from a different religion.

2. Marriage License. Must be secured 120 days before the date of marriage from the Local Civil Registry of the city or municipality of the bride or groom. For civilly married couples, a certified true photocopy of the marriage contract with the registry number of the city or town where the marriage was performed must be submitted.

3. Canonical Interview. An interview conducted by the parish priest or his assistant held about one to two months before the wedding date. The schedule is given to the couple by the church coordinator.

4. Marriage Banns. These are the forms that you see in the churches’ notification boards announcing the upcoming marriage of particular people. The church where the wedding will take place provides the soon-to-be-wed the form which is posted in the respective parishes of the bride and groom for posting. The couple will have to return the duly accomplished and signed forms three Sundays after.

5. Pre-marriage or pre-cana seminars. Some churches may let you skip this step but others may require you to attend more seminars like the Catholic Engaged Encounter and Discovery Weekend. Schedules are given by the church administrator.

For widows, a copy of the death certificate of the deceased spouse must be submitted. If divorced, the bride or groom must submit the Declaration of Nullity promulgated by the Catholic Memorial Tribunal or a certificate from the Bishop that he/she is free to marry to the Archdiocesan Chancery Office for authentication and clearance.

Additional clearances and certifications are requested from foreigners before they can marry a Filipino citizen. He/She must submit a Certification of Freedom to Marry and Permission and Certification of Singularity. He/She must also secure a clearance from the Archdiocesan Chancery Office which will be submitted to the church where the wedding will take place.