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Types of Wedding Ceremonies

Types of Weddings

There are basically four major types of wedding ceremonies, the most popular would be the religious and civil ceremonies. In this section, we will give you some ideas on each of the wedding types to help you decide on which type of wedding you want for your own.

Religious Weddings

Religious is the most common type of wedding. Traditionally, the church is the most popular venue. The ceremony is presided over by a priest, a rabbi, or a minister. Choosing the venue can be a bit of a problem if the bride and the groom came from different faiths. In some cases, however, the churches work together now to help couples of different faith to marry. There are churches that will even allo you to have two officiates marry you at the same time.

Civil Weddings

The civil wedding ceremony is the type of ceremony officiated by the Justice of the Peace, a judge, the mayor or governor, or a Marriage Commissionaire. The ceremony Is done outside of the church. Officiants are people appointed by the government and were given authority to officiate marriages. The only difference that a civil wedding and a religious wedding have is the venue. Civil weddings cannot be held
inside the church but can be as romantic and extravagant as a religious wedding ceremony.

Military Weddings

This wedding ceremony normally takes place in the military chapel yet; doing the ceremony elsewhere is also possible. You can have a full military wedding ceremony if your partner is in the military or is a retired officer of the military. In most cases, the officers form an arch of sabers or arch of swords as the couple walk through on their exit after the ceremony. The military person also dressed in proper military uniform. You can also arrange to have two archs of sabers, one inside the church and one outside. Guests in a military wedding normally dress in traditional attire, usually formal.


For the non-traditional wedding ceremonies, as the name implies, it is non-traditional, non-conventional. It pretty much gives you the freedom and be creative. It can be officiated by a priest, an officiant, or any person who is qualified to marry you.