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Wedding Proposal Ideas

How do you pop the question? What if she says no? These are probably the thoughts that crossed your mind when you have decided that she is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. We have come up with some ideas on where and how you can make this event really eventful and memorable.


In Bohol

Wedding Proposal in Bohol

Proposal at the Loboc River Floating Restaurant. Surprise your partner with a private restaurant at the center of the Loboc River. What can be more romantic than proposing to your partner in this secluded area where there can literally be only the two of you plus some waiters who will serve your food and a bunch of musicians to play your song? I am sure she will say yes. Perfect time will be during sunset. The lights at the side of the river and the stars will help setting the romantic mood. Well, this is not the perfect choice if your girlfriend has motion sickness. If she has, then I would suggest just setting this up at the side of the river.

For this one, you have to make advance arrangements with the help of the staff. First, rent a boat that will take you to the center of the river where the floating restaurant is waiting for you. For the floating restaurant, have the crew set it up in a nicer way that fits your theme. Most floating restaurants have a native like theme which is rather simple so you have to pimp it up. Then, for the food, they also serve native stuff so if you prefer other dishes, you have to make additional arrangements.

In Subic

Wedding Proposal in Subic

Canopy ride at the tree top. If you are the adventurous type, then invite your girl to go on a canopy ride in Subic. Propose while you are stranded in between trees at about 100 meters off the ground. It will be lovelier if you will have the place decorate it a bit with flowers on the canopy and some balloons floating on air.

You either do this while hanging on the zipline or as your girlfriend lands after zipping.

In an Event

Hot Air Balloon Festival

Wedding Proposal in a Hot Air Balloon

In a Hot Air Balloon. Every year, the International Hot Air Balloon Festival is held at Clark Field Pampanga. This event is normally held on Valentine’s Day. You can take her to a hot air balloon ride and propose while you are up in the air. The rate is about $100 per person so you have to make sure to save up for at least $200.

Helicopter Banner. Since the Hot Air Balloon Festival is a day for everything that flies, you may take advantage of that and have a flying banner – whether using a helicopter, a parachute, a light aircraft or a paraglider.